GE2024 - Actions To Take Before 4 July 2024

If the polls are right, there’ll be a change in majority government on 4 July. If so, there’ll likely be a Budget later in July, which due to the stretched public finances and Labour ambitions, is expected to increase taxes for some. [EDIT: Labour has confirmed there won't be an emergency Budget in July].

What actions might you take before 4 July to help ensure you’re not caught out by these changes?

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2022 - Top 8 Tax Queries


Having a look back at the most common tax areas applicable to our SMEs in 2022. Which of these applied to you and did you get an acceptable result?

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Frozen! Temperatures, Allowances & Growth

As well as moving into winter with an energy crisis, it's not just the temperature which is freezing. The Chancellor today froze (and reduced) many allowances, going cold on small business growth. 

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Top 10 Client Queries During 2021

As we reflect back on 2021, here are our Top 10 client queries we've seen time and again during 2021. You may see certain Covid related themes emerging! 

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