Tax Returns And Advice

  • Do you wonder why you don’t see the person who prepares your tax return?
  • Do you dislike receiving a bill for every conversation you have with your accountant?
  • Do you wonder why your tax return is submitted so long after your accounts are ready?

tax returns completed on your premisesOn The Spot’s service addresses these concerns, and more ...


Tax returns are usually prepared several months after your year end in an accountant's office. On The Spot realises this means you don’t get an opportunity to talk about your business, its future and its issues. In our experience the more a tax professional knows about the business, the more effective he or she is. 


As sootax returns completed on timen as your year end figures are ready, On The Spot will prepare your accounts and tax returns, and discuss business issues, all on your premises, or on Zoom, if you prefer. When you are completely satisfied we submit your accounts and tax returns online. You know your obligations are met and have the opportunity to ask questions about business issues, future plans, and your current and future tax bills.


Our ongoing interactive relationship means, wherever possible, tax reliefs are identitifed such as research and development claims which otherwise might be overlooked and therefore your tax is reduced or that a tax repayment is received months earlier.

You are kept informed about tax payment dates and amounts using SMS text messaging or emails, whichever you prefer. You will not miss any deadlines however busy you are or wherever you are.

Your questions throughout the year are included in your fee. We don’t waste time raising numerous invoices and your time in dealing with them. We’d rather get on with the job of providing an excellent business, accounts and tax advice service to help your business grow.

Our simple fee structure is based on the complexity of your business and the number of tax returns required. It is broadly based on half day increments of work to include year round support. It covers our main visit or online meeting to prepare and submit the accounts and returns and all matters related to your tax returns.

If you hear something on the news and want to know how it might affect you, you can call or email and you won’t receive another invoice. Or if you are worried about how a change in your business affects your tax position, a quick email or call to On The Spot will explain this to you.

HMRC Tax Investigations

On The Spot supporting you during an HMRC tax investigationFrom time to time you may be subject to a tax investigation.

  • Have you wondered why tax investigations take so long to complete?
  • Have you wondered why you get an invoice for every single letter sent to HMRC, no matter how short?
  • Have you wondered why you get charged for every phone call you make, even if you’re just asking why you haven’t heard anything for ages?

Mostly tax investigations are routine matters where HMRC just want to double-check a few things. But they take ages - often years - to complete, causing the busy small business person unnecessary stress and expense. Letters stay in the in-trays for too long and not enough use is made of verbal explanations. HMRC are under pressure to clear up investigations promptly, so let’s help them!

With On The Spot’s service model, its knowledge of your business and focus on the timetable, investigations are completed quickly, reducing your stress and saving professional fees, without compromising on the result.

Tax advice

Tax Advice and Returns

  • Do you wonder why you don’t see the person who prepares your tax return?
  • Do you dislike receiving a bill for every conversation you have with your accountant?
  • Do you wonder why your tax return is submitted so long after your figures are ready?

on the spot making sure your tax is returned on time
on the spot’s service addresses these concerns, and more……

Tax returns on time

An on the spot accountant will:

  • Discuss and explain your accounts and tax returnget your tax return submitted on time
  • Answer any questions about your tax bill
  • Ensure you are completely satisfied
  • Submit your accounts and tax return on-line

And if you have questions throughout the year, this is included in your fee.

HMRC tax Investigations

on the spot helping you through an HMRC tax investigationWe are here to help you if HMRC starts a tax investigation.


  • Most tax investigations are routine matters.
  • HMRC probably just wants to double-check a few things.
  • We understand the jargon and know how HMRC operate.
  • We use this expertise to get final agreement from HMRC as quickly as possible.


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