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These are needed in some shape or form whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Small sole traders may need only a simple profit and loss account, whereas even the smallest limited company needs to prepare a profit and loss account, balance sheet and statutory accounts. We take you through the figures showing you the link between yours or your book keeper's schedules and the year end accounts.

Either way, understanding your business will help ensure we can advise you on the tax treatment of items in your accounts such as tax deductible expenditure, the meaning of a director’s loan account, or what is a capital asset and provide business advice such as commentary on your gross profit margin, pension information and other client experiences.

Year end accounts

Year End Accounts

on the spot preparing your annual accountson the spot comes to you, at a time convenient to you, and will:

  • Explain and discuss your annual statutory accounts.
  • Explain and advise on your tax return and any tax due.
  • Check that you are completely satisfied your queries have been resolved.
  • Submit your accounts and tax returns online ensuring certainty and accuracy.
  • Keep in touch throughout the year to advise you based on your business updates.

Understanding your business

on the spot understanding your business goalsAt On The Spot, we believe that by talking to you about your business, it's future and it's issues we can give you the best tax and accountancy advice.


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