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Springing Tax Changes On Us From April 2020

With the spring Budget less than two weeks away, it's easy to forget some major changes due to come in this spring unlikely to be changed by the Chancellor. 

Property Interest Tax Relief - Full restriction

Four years ago this seemed a long way off, but we're now here. From April, there will be no tax deduction for interest on your buy-to-let mortgage. You'll get a calculated tax credit at 20% offset against your tax bill, but your taxable income is reduced only by repairs, professional fees, void period costs, etc.

This means you're more likely to find yourself in the higher rate tax band than before or having to pay back child benefit. Or even at the £100k threshold where your tax free personal allowance starts to get taken away. 


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Tax Checklist - Use It or Lose It - March 2016

With many changes announced even before this Wednesday's Budget, it's worth checking through these five items in case you want to take action before the end of the month/5 April:


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(Residential) Property Is Dead! Long Live (Commercial) Property!

If you let out a residential property, you shouldn't underestimate the effects of some important changes to the tax rules.

Tax is like any other cost. It reduces the return you get from your asset. Therefore if your tax cost increases, your return decreases and this may affect your view as to whether your property remains a good investment.


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